Frequently Asked Questions

General Information – FAQ’s

Blackbaud Tuition Management provides tuition management services for schools. Services for parents include online account access at parent.blackbaud.school, tuition and fees invoicing, payment processing, and customer care.

How do I login for the first time?

Please click on the button: “I am a first-time user” available on the parent login page. Please enter only two of the three fields to locate your Blackbaud Tuition Management account. The information entered must be the same as the information provided during enrollment. This will allow you to create your username and password.

Is there a way I can retrieve my username and update my password?

You can retrieve your username by clicking the section: “Forgot your username or password?” available on the parent login page and use the first section to enter the telephone number on your account with your Family ID.

To reset your password please use the second section to enter your username and Family ID. An email with instructions for resetting your password will be sent to the primary email address on your account.

What is my Family ID and where can I find it?

Your Family ID is a 13-digit, account specific identification number, for every school specific account, which is updated annually each school year. It can be found on any written communication sent from Blackbaud Tuition Management or on your online account. Please be sure to include your Family ID on any payments sent to Blackbaud Tuition Management to ensure they are applied to the appropriate account.

What can I do once I have logged into my Blackbaud Tuition Management account online?

On our parent website you can do the following:
  • Make a Payment
  • Stop/Resume automatic debit payments
  • Review payment history
  • Change/edit your payment information
  • Update your personal information
  • View and print invoices (if you are not on automatic debit), Family Tuition Statements, and Year End Statements for tax purposes
  • See an itemized breakdown of tuition, fees and discounts billed to your account

How do I update my personal Information, including : my address, telephone number, email address, password, or payment information?

Log in to your online account and select “My Profile” at the top of your screen. Click “Update” and choose the section you wish to change from the drop-down options.

How do I change or add a primary or secondary account holder?

Only parents or responsible parties who are named on the account will be provided any specific information about the account for security purposes. If you are the primary account holder and wish to add, change, or update the secondary account holder, please contact your school.

Why is my monthly amount different each month?

Your total due may change month to month due to fees, discounts, and adjustments that have been made by your school.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding why a fee or billing item is on my account?

Please contact your school’s business office, as Blackbaud Tuition Management is only provided the name and amount of a charge or discount.

What if I think an amount on my bill is incorrect?

If you disagree with any of the amounts on your bill, you can contact our Parent Contact Center. We will contact the school on your behalf to clarify the amount due. Blackbaud Tuition Management is not authorized to modify the amount of tuition due or to arrange for alternative payment plans without your school’s approval.

What is the quickest way to make a payment?

Blackbaud Tuition Management offers two immediate payment options, to pay with checking, savings, debit, or credit including:

  • Pay online at parent.blackbaud.school
  • Pay over the phone through the automated system or with a live representative

Payments made by phone and web are posted the same day they are received.

What credit cards does Blackbaud Tuition Management accept?

Depending upon your state and school policy, Blackbaud Tuition Management can accept VISA™, MasterCard™, American Express™ and Discover™ credit and debit cards. Please note that a credit/debit card usage fee may apply. You can use your credit card to make monthly recurring payments. VISA Checkout™ virtual wallet is also available.

How can I setup new banking information to automatically pay each month?

You can schedule automatic payments from your bank account or credit/debit card by logging into your account and selecting the “Edit My Profile” tab at the top of your screen. Next, scroll down to the box labeled: “My Payment Method” and click “Update” to enter your information. You must complete all three steps to initiate automatic payments.

If your automatic payment is set up less than 3 business days before your due date, your first payment may not be pulled automatically. In this case, you will still be responsible to make a manual payment before your due date. Please read the terms and conditions carefully as fees may apply.

How do I stop my automatic payments?

To stop your automatic payments, you can chat with a live representative online or call us, at least 2 business days prior to your due date. Payments are unable to be stopped less that 2 business days prior to your due date as it will go into process 1 business day prior to ensure the funds are available to be applied to your account by your due date.

How can I pay by check?

If you would like to use your checking account to pay, you can do this by making a one-time payment online, calling in a payment through the automated system or with a live representative, setting up automatic monthly payments directly from your checking or savings account, or by mailing a check or money order. Checks or money orders should be mailed to the closest payment processing center listed below. If you live East of the Mississippi River, please use the first mailing address in Newark NJ. If you live West of the Mississippi River, please use the second mailing address in Los Angeles, CA.

If you would like to mail a payment overnight, please send it to one of the addresses listed for overnight packages.

Please include your Family ID on your check or money order to ensure it will be applied to the appropriate account.

East of the Mississippi
Blackbaud Tuition Management
PO Box 11731
Newark, NJ 07101-4731
West of the Mississippi
Blackbaud Tuition Management
PO Box 54228
Los Angeles, CA 90054-0228
Overnight packages (East of the Mississippi) Exela Technology
C/O Blackbaud Tuition Management
365 W. Passaic Street, Suite 255, 2nd Floor
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662
Overnight packages (West of the Mississippi) Exela Technology
C/O Blackbaud Tuition Management
20500 Belshaw Ave.
Carson, CA 90746
Be sure to review the Helpful Tips for Mailing Payments or Bank Bill Pay prior to mailing a payment.

Can I pay using my bank’s online bill pay service?

Yes, you can utilize your bank’s online bill pay service to send payments to Blackbaud Tuition Management. Please note: Online bill pay might not electronically transfer funds to Blackbaud Tuition Management; instead, your bank may mail a paper check to us. We advise you to set up your online bill pay to occur at least 7-10 days prior to your due date to ensure the check is received and processed by your scheduled due date. Please review Helpful Tips for Mailing Payments or Bank Bill Pay for applicable details.

Helpful Tips for Mailing Payments or Bank Bill Pay

  • Please include your 13-digit Family ID in the memo section of the check or money order (a payment stub is not necessary).
  • Do not include any additional paperwork with the payment (letters, post it notes, staples, paperclips, etc.). Adding additional items will delay the processing of your payment.
  • Please send payments 7-10 days before your due date. If there is a holiday, please add an additional 3-4 days.
  • If there are fewer than 7-10 days before your due date, please consider paying via our website at parent.blackbaud.school. You can also use our automated telephone service to make a payment. Both these solutions eliminate delays in processing your payment. You can pay online or over the phone using your checking or savings account.
  • Blackbaud Tuition Management does accept some online bill payments electronically; however, some banks will still send payments as a physical paper check through the USPS mail. If you have any questions about whether your payment will be sent electronically by your bank, please contact your bank directly.
  • Once a payment has been sent by physical paper check it cannot be stopped. If you decide to stop the payment with your bank, a failed bank fee will be incurred on your Blackbaud Tuition Management account.
  • If you plan to use your bank’s online bill payment service, please include your 13-digit Family ID without letters, spaces, or characters.

How can I wire transfer my payment?

Wiring instructions can be found below. Please provide this payment information to your financial institution based on their location.

Banks within the USA Send to:

Receiving bank name:

Fifth Third Bank

Receiving Bank Address:

38 Fountain Square Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45263

ABA/Routing number:


Beneficiary Name:

Smart LLC

Beneficiary Address:

65 Fairchild Street
Charleston, SC 29492

Banks from outside the USA Send to:



Fed routing number:


Bank Name:

Fifth Third Bank

Beneficiary Account Number:


Beneficiary Account Name

Smart LLC

Please include the FAMILY ID NUMBER with each wire.

A $15.00 fee is charged for each wire sent to Blackbaud Tuition Management. Please add $15.00 with your tuition payment to cover the bank fees associated with accepting wire transfers. Additionally, please check with your financial institution for any additional fees that they may charge you. You may also incur additional fees from your bank or an intermediary bank that partners with your bank. It is best to speak directly with your bank regarding their wire fees.

What is the late payment policy?

Payments are due on or before your due date. If your payment is not made by your due date, or you are carrying an outstanding balance, a Follow Up Service Fee may apply. Blackbaud Tuition Management will remind you of your upcoming payment to help you pay on time. We will also advise you when you have missed a payment to help you avoid any future fees. Additional late fees may apply depending on your school’s policy.

Are there bank fees associated with payments that are not successful?

A fee may be applied to your account for any failed payment processed via auto-debit, phone, or web. Your bank may also impose additional fees.

Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding my bill?

Our Parent Contact Center is available to help you through our online chat feature available upon logging into your account or by phone at (888) 868-8828. You can access your account to check balances and make payments online 24 hours a day.